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Frequently Asked Question

We often get asked questions about our services or things we can assist companies with across Gaming, Blockchain, Web Development and SEO. We cover off some of the basics below.

Please send us your packages

Unfortunately every project is different and it's not possible to give off the shelf packages for projects such as development and marketing. We will discuss your requirements and work hard to provide you with a quote for the solutions that will most suit your needs based on our experience building and scaling businesses.

Can we pay based on results?

Simple answer is no. In the same way you employ staff for your business, we also provide a service that has costs in order to deliver for our customers. We agree retained fees or project based costs upfront and deliver based on the outlined strategies.

Why is your SEO for Gaming and Blockchain?

SEO is more than just editing your website, it's about a deep understanding of markets and consumer intent, so working with an agency with significant experience and understanding of your own market is an extremely powerful SEO strategy and has worked long term for Unicorn customers like BlockFi.

Can you build our website?

Absolutely. Searched has an experienced and highly talented in-house development team across technologies like Node, React, Express, .Net and more user friendly options like Webflow. This site is also built on Webflow to demonstrate the simplicity of what's needed to grow a business online.

Can we arrange a call?

Absolutely. We do ask that as much information about your needs is provided via email as soon as possible, so we can review how we can assist your business and then arrange a follow up call. This allows us to qualify leads and give the most attention to those who really need us.