Blockchain Marketing Agency

A technology that can change the world but if no one understands it…who will really care?

Webflow developers and search engine marketing experts

With over 30 years of combined SEO expertise, Searched is an independent search agency based out of London. With extensive development expertise with Webflow, we know how to grow businesses online with this dynamic platform. We make the complex simple as both marketers and developers.

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No complex tech stack

Modern frameworks are powerful, high performance and incredibly complex stacks, making development time consuming and expensive. Depending on your requirements, it's highly likely that Webflow should be your platform of choice for a primarily marketing and front facing website.

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Simple, fast and manageable

By removing the complexity from your marketing and website requirements, you massively reduce costs and time to market with Webflow. A new website can be up and running in days not months, while your team can be editing and creating on-site, creating content growth and lead generation, without the need for developer input.

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Business & Marketing Strategy Development

Like your Uber driver, we’re here to get you where you want to go.

Any market, any industry. We’ll discover creative routes to secure your brand the audience adoption it will require to be successful. Simple. Whether that may be business to business or business to consumer, for 10’s of clients or 10’s of thousands of consumers.

Our customised strategies will determine suitable partnership opportunities, including utilising our global network to secure introductions with primary stakeholders at exchanges, VC’s or mainstream global brands.

We view blockchain marketing as so much more than social media posts and press releases. Marketing is innovation for your business network and understanding your real target market. Get outside the box.

Branding & Storytelling

Your brand is everything. It’s what makes you, you. Us, us. or Apple, Apple.

We collaborate on every branding client alongside science based strategists Storyscience. Our two unique methods come together to combine blockchain, an ability to understand any market and design expertise, with Storysciences world renowned storytelling and science based application of research to develop inspiring global brands. Power.

A brand is more than just a logo, it’s who you are, what defines your company and everything it stands for to the benefit of your consumers and your bottom line.

Tell your story the right way and your brand will define everything you do.

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Find a case study for your own needs...

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Business & Marketing Development

Planning for you

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Branding & Storytelling

Your creation

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Digital, Software & Web Development

Lay your foundations

Digital, Software & Website Development

Your website is like a tree, it should grow and improve with age.

Placing your website and it’s content at the top of all marketing strategies will in turn build it into your most valuable customer acquisition asset. Fact. It will grow organically and continue to lead your brand forward.

It’s an asset that ultimately needs strong foundations from your brand and business development, with a clear structure from exceptional search engine optimisation and technical best practice. You will then have a website that will drive a return on investment as targeted customers arrive, traffic numbers increase and your goals begin to be realised.

It’s so often overlooked by startups, while it becomes ever more powerful in competitive landscapes.Additional advantages? Pay per click, display advertising and inbound paid marketing will also perform better, with significantly lower costs on a perfectly created and targeted website. Value.

Build everything around your website to successfully market blockchain technologies.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Organic Marketing

Google? That’s 3 billion searches a day = your biggest opportunity to find customers or be Searched.

A consumer  searching for a product or service like yours is more likely to convert than any other form of advertising, including;Social media and social advertising – PR, Advertorials or Guest posting – TV – Display advertising – Influencers – Podcasts

Why? They’re pro-actively seeking a solution that you can provide, even if the reach may be lower than some forms of marketing. Win.

So how can your brand benefit from SEO? You can achieve market entry and adoption for any industry by understanding your audience and what they search for…and a little patience. We’ve been doing this for decades for almost every type of business, and we’ve learnt a hell of a lot – all experiences to benefit you and your brand.

We research, discover, educate, implement and manage blockchains most effective SEO solutions.

SEO must lead your long term strategy.

Blockchain PR

Generate news, tell a story and allow PR to take your brand to the highest heights.

PR is more than simply featuring in press publications, it’s really about framing your brand in public view through news, stories and authority commentary. We work to creatively package and distribute each of these core areas into campaigns at key times for your band, enabling you to gain visibility and build trust. Earned.

Your relationship with the press will often be gradual as you earn the right for features and coverage by being different, delivering on your brand promises, securing powerful results, distributing research and/or launching new technologies that make a difference. We walk you through these processes and proactively prepare for what is to come, while keeping our ear to the ground for daily commentary on breaking industry news.

Make use of campaigns for your ultimate
PR strategy, while earning your coverage on merit.

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Content Marketing

Content is king. You’ve heard it and it’s true.

You would think it’s clear to all of us that marketing without having anything to market with, such as video content, imagery or even defined brand guidelines, is going to be virtually impossible. Or at least pretty unsuccessful. But why would you know that without experience? You wouldn’t.

Once we understand your brand, your products and services, we start work on planning the right content strategies for your target audience. To inspire. To engage. To convert.

Content as a term is far too broad, we know that. Content could be articles, podcasts, images, photography, video or even a creative campaign to rival the genius of Burger King. Anything that backs your brand story and has a targeted audience.

In these competitive landscapes, it’s time to diversify and stand away from everyone else. Drop the 30 second animated videos for something more real, focus your copy on your users not blockchain and why not build more than just your product? Explore.

Invest in your brand content for long term market penetration and visibility.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Your structure

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Public Relations (PR)

Tell your story

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Content Marketing

Construct your message