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Consumers who demand, need or want the service or product you have, are going to be the highest converting visitors to your website. Search engine optimisation through content marketing is your solution to capturing this audience.

Navigating your growth with expert SEO Marketing for Crypto

SEO requires difficult technical expertise, much like blockchain technology, and a lot of creative problem solving – but the theory and processes for your business can be simplified by agencies to inspire growth internally alongside the experienced. We’re here to do just that with you.

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Your business

Your startup will face a constant challenge – building an audience that will grow your revenues. In between the PR, influencers, community building and social media content is another constant – organic web visitors. These visits are more often than not recurring, long lasting and if targeted properly, always growing.

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Blockchain SEO

All other marketing channels can deliver impact results but results that do not sustain growth. Blockchain SEO can deliver you a sustained audience by understanding market data and creating strategies to deliver the story these numbers tell. With decades of search expertise, and as the first blockchain focused organic growth agency since 2017, we’re best placed to lead your digital assets for the long term requirements of your business.Get Searched. Every day, week, year.

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Foundation Building  Your web technology

What you need are blockchain SEO professionals that are website developers.

To grow your website organically, it must be technically sound and efficiently structured so it’s functionality is well suited to all users. This ultimately ensures that a search engine crawler will understand exactly what your site is there to achieve and how it will solve their users search query.

When understanding that the technical structure of a website is the foundation upon which an organic marketing strategy is built, it soon becomes clear there are no easy routes to growth.

Web developers know how to build websites, but they do not know how to market them. Marketers know how to market them, but they do not know how to build them. The simple solution to efficiency and cost effectiveness is – use guys who are both developers and marketers. We also specialise in
Webflow SEO if your site is built on that platform.

Trust in knowledge of the web.

The Research – You know, keywords etc

Who, where, how – why?

The research required to understand what the journey to growth looks like is deep and often complex – but for you and your startup, it’s about starting with your customer and competitors before getting to where your target market is heading. We’ll take the complex and bring back the simple.

Keyword research and understanding how your target audience think, how they search and what they need as content solutions is a mightily powerful and enlightening process for your startup. A process to be embraced and continued regularly.

With the knowledge between you and us, the perfect strategy to dominate an industry online is there and just needs to be explored, planned and activated.

Knowledge is power, no more so than in seo.

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Find a case study for your own needs...

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Internal Linking;

(n) [ should be simple ]

Literally linking to another page on your site, but with a strategy like roads taking users where they need to be as opposed to ending up where they don’t.

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Duplicate Content;

(n) [ That’s so obvious ]

Does what it says on the tin but even the smallest amount of content can be construed as duplicate because the likes of Google want each page to be unique and valuable in their own right.

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Latent Semantic Indexing;

(n) [ WTF…seriously? ]

Ok so this is an overly complicated way of saying does the text on the page seem to support it’s reason for existing. ie does this SEO page contains words that relate to SEO or is it rubbish?

SEO Strategy – where the magic happens

Ok it’s not magic, it’s just very very smart website building.

We use the word strategy a little too often but we simply mean having a plan. When it comes to SEO, these plans are such things as what type of customer do you want and need and how do we work together to bring those in.

Usually your strategy will focus around an audit, covering the technical requirements of the site and the current positioning of where the business sites organically within the market. This lights the route for change and enables our experience to deliver results.

Content calendars and topical targets, outreach processes and deep technical SEO including href lang, canonical tags and site speed will all contribute to the SEO strategy for your brand.

Use your data and research for a plan.

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Content Marketing – services, locations, articles…

You can’t get searched if there’s nothing to discover…

As with many of the terms marketers use on a daily basis, content marketing is broad, very broad. From the copy on your sales pages to blogs, images, social media posts, video right through to podcasts, 3D modelling and quantitative research – content is really anything people can consume. Done right, it will transform your business, done wrong and it will be a waste of time and budget.

More often than not, no one will know the ins and outs of your target market and industry than you and a select few competitors, making you and your team an authority, particularly when it comes to blockchain and crypto – there’s not many of us around yet! Being an authority means you can speak directly to your audience, and new audiences, through whichever medium suits you, them and the data.

The starting point should always be your own assets – website, blog and social media. With these tools, you can dominate a market across search, opening you up to more new users with the most sustainable growth strategy of all – SEO for your blochchain brand.

Get your knowledge and expertise noticed.

Outreach – the backlinks!

Make your content link worthy.

People listen to stories everyday, whether we’re reading, talking, seeing or actually listening, stories are all around us. When you have told your story in valuable and highly informative content, it needs to be discovered. Search is the primary way you want to enable potential customers to see it, but for that to happen, it will need a push in the right direction to enable search engines to find it.

Links make the internet what it is. From links in search results to links on pages and within site menus – your site is going to need some of these links too, so the likes of Google know it’s worthy of a rank. Creativity is the answer to outreach, continuing the compelling story, authority and knowledge that your content is there to demonstrate.

Our strategies don’t follow a blueprint. They’re there for you and your custom needs, to win over press and writers with something they can’t ignore.

Push out your knowledge to your audiences.

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SEO Maintenance – work, work, work

There’s no golden nugget to winning.

As with your business, SEO cannot simply run itself, it’s certainly not a one off solution that will then power your growth for the long term. Long term, yes but easy, absolutely not. This means it needs work, a lot of work.

Those competitors or brands who clearly dominate online are also demonstrating the level of work and expertise required to do so. It’s almost always at least 3 areas of expertise combining for high powered growth – experts in the related topic (this is you btw), experts in SEO (yep that’s us) and often not considered, experts in web development (a bit embarrassing, also us).

Content, structure, knowledge and topics, always evolving, always progressing. Your blockchain SEO will need as much, if not more, than all other marketing channels and it will take the longest time to deliver the highest quality results.

Ongoing. Consistent. Valuable.

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No Follow;

(n) [ ye, stalker ]

Just telling a crawler from a search engine to not follow this particular links because it’s not really very important or relevant.

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(n) [ Robots are taking over! ]

A really useful file that your web developer and SEO should be using to make sure that search engines view your website correctly.

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(n) [ Pardon you… ]

Search engine results page, so literally the page that you see from your website when you do a Google search, that’s a SERP.