Blockchain PR Agency

Earned media can excite readers about the true potential of your project and team creating impact unlike any other marketing channel.

Simplifying communications through creative storytelling

Blockchain PR requires greater creativity, while simplifying the complex to appeal to wider audiences, cutting through a lack of effective journalism and a lack of trust.

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PR Exposure

Public relations requires adding value to an industry in the form of thought leadership (being an expert), solving a real problem like no one else, telling a great story that excites, compels or educates and most importantly, be genuine.

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Earned Media

Blockchain PR is yet to evolve, much like the industry as a whole. It’s yet to reach a suitable point where journalistic values and integrity are apparent on all publications. We know the way to earned media and we understand the demand for Blockchain to secure adoption – industry and mainstream press.

Create the news.

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Insights & Market Reports

What’s worked for them? now what will work for you?

Discovery – Your needs are different to any other brand. Nothing off the shelf or pre-planned solution will be right for you. We carry out global insights and discovery for any campaign, from reverse engineering what competitors have done to exploring what stories are appealing most in your target market.
Quantitative research – Speaking to your target audience on mass, getting the answers to back your journey and generate news. Well packaged research can grab attention of not only consumers, but journalists looking for their next piece.
Reports and infographics – Reports and infographics provide the most effective method for distributing your discoveries and can make up a significant part of your own
content marketing and social media campaign efforts as well.

Discover, Report, Distribute

Press Releases

For distributing your biggest news.

Often misunderstood, press releases are the most effective way of distributing big news or announcements – rather than guaranteeing placements like an advert. Your releases should hit with impact, be honest and more importantly than anything, be newsworthy.

A release can be to distribute research, make an announcement of a globally renowned partnership or release new technology that is a game changer for an industry. Press are looking for stories, not adverts. We work alongside your in-house teams to plan releases, creatively write them and distribute them to the most suitable press.

A release comes with no guaranteed placement or feature. What your release should do is create enough interest for a journalist to write about you – not post your release for you.

Trust in the process of your PR and the heights your brand will reach will shock.

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Find a case study for your own needs...

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(n) [ Sounds yuk! ]

A non-unique coin or token – like a pound, cent or euro, interchangeable with each other.

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Hard Fork;

(n) [ Dinner? ]

Original code remains, with a new code base on top which has new functionality and is no longer the same.

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(n) [ Sounds like a robot]

A computer or device that stores data and enables a network to access the data for integrity.

Thought leadership and industry commentary

Knowledge is power. Use your expertise to build power.

Daily commentary – every day we react to pertinent and relevant industry news, offering the opinion of your and your brands management team towards breaking stories.
Leadership profiling – we do dedicated blockchain PR activity around profiling your company’s CTO, CEO or CISO, his or her background, the entrepreneurial story behind the launch of the company, and their opinion on topical industry issues and how this technology stands to solve them.

Love the news. Be in the news.

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Content Marketing

PR your content – outreach!

You may think of PR in terms of press and releases and research, but really it’s finding how to get noticed. PR can be used as part of your content marketing strategy too, where your owned content across your blog or articles can become an powerful source of information for journalists. The key is the way we help you understand what outreach works best for what content.

With the right ideas, great content and effective outreach, your own content can be leading the way in the press, delivering untold value to PR, SEO (and your back links!) and even social as your creativeness spreads and earns you the recognition you deserve.

Step back from your business or product and see the wider opportunities.


The best brands know how to tell a story.

We’re advocates of your story. The effect of being able to define who you are and what you’re really about can be mind bending. Once you have this across your organisation, we’ll makE sure the press, publications and industry influencers become advocates too.

Start with your brand, then your owned assets from website to content and position your brand through social media and community building – your PR efforts will be significantly rewarded. Doing each with us, makes this a seamless, effortless and highly efficient process.

A beginning, a middle and an end.

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Understanding emerging markets

Every year audiences change. And new targets emerge.

Are you a millennial? Gen-x? Baby boomer? Don’t know? Understanding who is your target market is key to the success of your business, something we all overlook at times when we get caught up on what we’re creating. But is just knowing enough or is understanding where you can really make use of the information?

Understanding. Without a doubt. We take your brand and product or service and dig as deep as we can to discover who is or will be your audience, where they are and how to get them. Can’t get much better than that right?

Within a new industry like blockchain, we all must focus on the end user and where the technology is ultimately heading and for public blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it’s highly likely that a new audience – a market leading demographic – will be the tipping point into mainstream adoption of web 3 and new currencies. That audience is Gen-Z (those born after 1997).

We’re fast becoming knowledge leaders in the space alongside our partners at Storyscience and we will bring change to blockchain as a result – for the better.

Blockchain is not your industry target. It will be elsewhere, in the real world.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Your structure

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Public Relations (PR)

Tell your story

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Content Marketing

Construct your message