We're never bored. Making the complex, simple

Searched was founded to do what we still do today, grow businesses with marketing and technological advances, specialising in SEO and Software Development.

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The story behind us

Founded by Adam and Rupert 2013, Adam and Barrie have led the core team ever since. From starting out with the creation of 3Dom Wraps automotive software and lead generation, through to building client solutions in automotive, insurance, blockchain and even...death.

2020 saw a break into Fintech pre-pandemic, developing a core banking solution for FCA regulated Xace, a dedicated iGaming payment institution.

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We still just want to simplify the complex

We've always taken everything we do and broken it down into the simplest building blocks for both us and our clients. Putting in the foundations for growth, be that marketing or technical development and targeting rapid results to avoid startup bloat and budget waste has delivered impressively in the past 2 years particularly.

Long term clients have raised at Unicorn valuations, sold for quarter of a £billion and processed more than £1bn in transactions in 18 months. Searched still retained as partners.

Built on simple principles

We're not your typical London based agency, we just get shit done for the good of the businesses we work with. We still need some guiding principles, but we're not buzz wording anything here.

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Simplify everything

From problem solving to strategy development and presenting to clients, we keep it simple.

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Quickest route to market

We've seen startups design and redesign buttons over and over, while their potential customers have no idea they exist...just no.

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Discover & learn

Everyday, late at night, early morning, we just want to learn, improve and make things better, faster and more efficient.

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Be friends

We're a group of friends, from business to investments and even living together at university, our group is a great mix.

Come and visit us!

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San Francisco, CA

794 Mcallister St San Francisco, California(CA), 94102

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New York, NY

653 Springfield Gardens, New York (NY), 11413

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Leadership team

Experienced, entreprenurial and specialists across fields. Our senior team has been operating together since 2016, founded in 2013.

Our partners

Not many partners but enough to bring extra firepower.